is run by ex convicts!!

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I bought a used car for my daughter and thought I got a good deal; however, as soon I drove it off the lot, the engine light went on and it started to run funny.I then brought it back (barely made it there) and they said: you break it, you bought it and its not our problem.

They asked me to go "get lost" after I asked them if they could take a look at it. Shortly after that, I left and the car dies on the road halfway home. Matthew Jordet, the owner, is a convicted criminal in and known drug dealer in the area - he is a real looser. I believe this business is a scam operation (and a cover for illegal activity) as the guys working there all have lengthy criminal records ranging from DUI to felony level theft...

I found this out after I bought the lemon. They assured me before I bought it that the car had a full inspection and was ready to go; they said it was in great condition. I did buy the car as is, but I was treated so bad that I was intimidated to contact them again at The car is inoperable and is now in a junkyard.

I didn't have a lot of money to help my daughter out, but what I had Jordet took without remorse.

I would not recommend this place to anyone.Buyer beware!

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